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Basil Ginger Refresher Mocktail

Dry January is coming to an end but I just had to sneak this mocktail in, it is so refreshing and @clevermocktails non alcoholic gin makes it so tasty! Give it a try :)

1OZ @clevermocktails non alcoholic Gin 

1 Can sparkling water

1 lime (juiced)

2 tsp ginger (grated)

3 basil leaves (muddled)

  1. In a shaker, @clevermocktails non alcoholic gin, add lime juice, grated ginger and basil leaves; muddle well; add ice and shake well for 1 minute

  2. Strain over fresh ice and top with sparkling water

This is such an easy way to have a fun drink, stay hydrated and stay consistent with your goals. This drink is zero sugar and has a soothing effect on your body. 

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