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Brownie Batter Overnight Oats

This brownie batter overnight oats recipe is sure to become one of your favourite

recipes with how simple, easy, and just irresistibly tasty it is. It’s like having dessert

for breakfast but packed with over 40 grams of protein to fuel your day.

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Putting together a delicious breakfast with all the protein and nutrients you need to

tackle your day has never been easier than with overnight oats. Just mix up all your

ingredients, tuck the mix away in the refrigerator overnight, and voila!

This brownie batter overnight oats recipe is especially decadent and is like getting to

eat dessert for breakfast. And, with all of the high-protein ingredients included, you

get well over 40 grams of protein from a full serving. Even if you only eat half at a

time, you’re still getting the recommended 20 grams of protein per meal without so

much as opening the microwave.

This is sure to become one of your favourite recipes with how simple, easy, and just

irresistibly tasty it is.

This recipe is 100% gluten-free, but if you have an allergy or sensitivity, be sure to

check that the oats you are using were processed in a gluten-free facility. You can

also easily make this a vegan-friendly recipe by using a plant-based protein powder,

milk, and sweetener.

As far as flavour goes, we suggest using either an unflavoured, vanilla or chocolate

protein powder, although you can certainly explore other flavour options. In our video

of this recipe, we used the conveniently pre-portioned packets of Allo protein powder,

which come in a natural, unflavoured options as well as vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel


Since there is already a lot of sweetness going into this recipe, you don’t need a lot

of additional sweetener, but adding a tablespoon of maple syrup, honey, or stevia

can help to balance the different flavours. Similarly, you can use additional extracts on

top of the vanilla such as almond or butter extract.

You can even get a subtle change in taste by using different types of milk like

unsweetened almond milk, vanilla almond or oat milk, or even chocolate milk for the

ultimate triple chocolate experience. Still not enough chocolate? Add some chocolate

chips on top along with some peanut butter or almond butter, chia seeds, fresh

berries, or whatever toppings you like best.


● 1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats

● 1 ½ cups almond milk

● 2 tablespoons cocoa powder

● 2 scoops (⅔ of a cup) of protein powder or two packets of Allo

● 1 tablespoon of sweetener

● 1 teaspoon of vanilla

● A pinch of sea salt


1. Mix all of your ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.

2. Cover the bowl or transfer the oatmeal into mason jars then place in the

refrigerator overnight.

3. In the morning, remove from the fridge and check the consistency, you may

want to add more milk or a dollop of Greek yogurt if it’s gotten too thick. Top

with peanut butter, fruit, nuts, seeds, and syrups to taste and enjoy!

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