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Charleston, South Carolina

I was only there for one day so this won’t be extremely extensive but we got to see a tonne of the city so I will give you my top recommendations!

We stayed in the duvet suites, about a 10 minute walk to downtown.

We started with breakfast at Virginias on King, try the breakfast burrito, it is TOO DIE FOR.

From there I highly recommend just walking down king street, if you are into shopping and fashion, there are TONNES of stores. If you are not, it is still beautiful to walk around. From there head down towards the water and down to the market!

We went on a horse drawn carriage, it is a cool way to see the city and learn a bit of history but not necessary if you would rather walk yourselves!

Don’t forget to check out the market (on market street); it is open 365 days a year with lots of vendors!

We went to Charleston crab house for food while we were there. The crab dip and mussels are amazing here. This is a spot right down in the market and where the locals like to eat!

Although we didn’t get the chance to do anything else, from the locals we talked to, these are some of the suggestions…

  • Folley beach pier (If you surf, there is good surfing here!!)

  • Walk the Charleston College campus

Whatever you choose to do, you will have a blast!

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