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Detox Margarita Mocktail

Grab the ingredients I used HERE

Okay now that the holiday season is officially over… I am all about jumping into a reset and detoxing my body of the cookies and drinks consumed. BUT I am not willing to drink plain old water all the time, SO for dry January I am making some fun Mocktails with @clevermocktails.. FIRST UP… Detox Margarita! Plus they are zero sugar and calories, win win! 

Lemon and oranges—both rich in vitamin 

Lime and Lime zest - for added anti-inflammatory benefits

Sea Salt - Helps to remineralize your body

Cayenne pepper - Gives your metabolism a little bit of fire

1 Clementime 

1/2 Lemon (Juiced)

1/2 Lime (Juice and zested)

Sea salt (For rim and pinch of sea salt in drink)

Add it all the a shaker with your ice; shake shake shake, pour over fresh ice and top with @clevermocktails margarita

Check out the video here!

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