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Morning Routines!! - Do you have one or want to start one?

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Let’s chat morning routines! They don't have to be complicated, they don't have to be expensive.

Setting a morning routine sets you up to crush the day ahead of ya! I think everyone’s morning routine has changed with everything going on, but I think now is the best time to create that routine and have some type of structure to your mornings. I’d love to hear your non negotiable when it comes to morning routines?

A few of mine are:

🌟 make bed

🌟 glass of lemon water (with a straw!!)

🌟 Tongue scrap, brush teeth, wash my face and MOISTURIZE!

🌟 breakfast with fibre/protein/healthy fats

I also like to workout if possible as well!

You are probably wondering what the HECK is a tongue scraper, but don't knock it til you try it!

The reason we get morning breath is because of the build up of toxins and bacteria in our mouth .. this is a sure way to get rid of it!

  • Improve your sense of taste

  • Remove bacteria

  • Improve overall oral health

  • Reduce bad breath

And if you need some breakfast idea's here are a few...

Blueberry banana oat bake

Superfood breakfast cookies

High protein Banana pancakes

I’m a firm believer in starting your day off feeling accomplished to set the tone for the rest of the day, who’s with me?! 🙋🏻‍♀️

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