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Salted Maple Matcha Latte

I LOVE the salted caramel matcha latte from Starbucks but don’t love the ingredients or price tag. Plus I always want to be using my favourite matcha from @soarorganics because literally no other matcha tastes as good as it. So I decided I would put my own spin on it and make a salted maple matcha, and it turned out amazing.

2 tsp @soarorganics matcha (dissolved in 3 tbsp warm water)

1 tsp honey

1/2C milk of choice

4 tbsp grass fed cream or coconut cream for dairy free

1 pinch of sea salt

You can make this warm or iced; you know I am an iced girly.

Just whisk your matcha with warm water, whisk together your milk and honey, combine match mixture and your milk, froth your cream with maple and sea salt; pour it on top and dive on in!

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