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Benefits of dark chocolate

If you know me, you know I end almost every night with my favourite dark chocolate. Currently I am obsessed with zazubean "sassy" it has little pieces of pomegranate in it and it melts in your mouth. Okay, enough about my obsession with that bar in specific; let's chat the health benefits of dark chocolate that I like to remind myself when I go a little crazy and eat half a bar for dessert....

If you choose the right dark chocolate you will find some amazing benefits!

Dark chocolate tends to be packed full of nutrients; some of them being....

Magnesium (which is a calming nutrient, perfectly paired with your nighttime tea!)

Iron (great for blood health!!)

Zinc (great for immune health!!)

Plus, it is great for HAPPINESS! (or is that just me??)

I will share my current favourite dark chocolate recipe below!

Chocolate covered peaches

1/2 bar zazubean

1 peach

Flakey sea salt

Melt your chocolate, dip your peach, sprinkle with sea salt and place in the fridge! O my yum.

You can find the recipe video here

You always want to make sure you are checking the labels to read about where you are getting your dark chocolate from; that is why I love zazubean ; it is organic, fair trade and taste AMAZING.

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