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Foods that help relieve anxiety

Foods to eat to support you in times of stress and anxiety are SO important, along with a good nights sleep, staying hydrating, staying connected and resting.

Some of my favourite foods that I eat for anxiety…

Salmon: this can be canned or fresh; but the omega’s, healthy fats and protein keep you full and nourish your brain during times of stress

Dark chocolate: I have this every single night with my magnesium drink. Dark chocolate is high in magnesium and antioxidants to support you during times of stress. Magnesium has calming properties and having a treat usually helps me when I am feeling anxious.

Chamomile Tea: This tea is so great for calming the body and mind. Brew yourself a cup and curl up under the covers with your favourite movie or book.

Eggs: Eggs contain a tonne of great benefits but in regard to anxiety they are high in tryptophan which can have a calming effect on your body.

Chia seeds: Again comes in the omega 3’s.. brain boosting to help relieve anxiety

Some things I avoid during times of stress and anxiety; caffeine, alcohol and too much time on technology

Just remember that this is a season of life and it will pass. Stay connect, hydrated and fuelled.

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